Create a qualifier on price list

This post I will show how to create a qualifier on price list DECLARE v_return_status VARCHAR2 (1) := NULL; v_msg_count NUMBER := 0; v_msg_data VARCHAR2 (2000); v_price_list_rec qp_price_list_pub.price_list_rec_type; v_price_list_val_rec qp_price_list_pub.price_list_val_rec_type; v_price_list_line_tbl qp_price_list_pub.price_list_line_tbl_type; v_price_list_line_val_tbl qp_price_list_pub.price_list_line_val_tbl_type; v_qualifiers_tbl qp_qualifier_rules_pub.qualifiers_tbl_type; v_qualifiers_val_tbl qp_qualifier_rules_pub.qualifiers_val_tbl_type; v_pricing_attr_tbl qp_price_list_pub.pricing_attr_tbl_type; v_pricing_attr_val_tbl qp_price_list_pub.pricing_attr_val_tbl_type; ppr_price_list_rec qp_price_list_pub.price_list_rec_type; ppr_price_list_val_rec qp_price_list_pub.price_list_val_rec_type; ppr_price_list_line_tbl qp_price_list_pub.price_list_line_tbl_type; ppr_price_list_line_val_tbl qp_price_list_pub.price_list_line_val_tbl_type; ppr_qualifiers_tbl qp_qualifier_rules_pub.qualifiers_tbl_type; ppr_qualifiers_val_tbl qp_qualifier_rules_pub.qualifiers_val_tbl_type; ppr_pricing_attr_tbl... Continuar Lendo →

Apply and release Hold on Payables workbench at API

Hi, this post I will show how to apply and release a hold on workbench in payables. DECLARE v_rowid ROWID; v_hold_id NUMBER := NULL; BEGIN mo_global.set_policy_context('S', 81); FOR C IN ( SELECT hold, reason, hold_lookup_code FROM ap_holds_hold_name_v WHERE hold_lookup_code = 'RET. PAGAMENTO' ) LOOP AP_HOLDS_PKG.Insert_Row(x_rowid => v_rowid, x_hold_id => v_hold_id, x_invoice_id => 155074, x_line_location_id =>... Continuar Lendo →

Cancelar NFF Contas a pagar via API

Olá, neste post irei mostrar como cancelar uma nota fiscal no contas a pagar via API. declare v_invoice_id number; v_last_updated_by varchar2(20); v_last_update_login varchar2(20); v_accounting_date date := sysdate; v_boolean boolean; v_error_code varchar2(100); v_debug_info varchar2(1000); v_message_name varchar2(1000); v_invoice_amount number; v_base_amount number; v_tax_amount number; v_temp_cancelled_amount number; v_cancelled_by varchar2(1000); v_cancelled_amount number; v_cancelled_date date; v_last_update_date date; v_token varchar2(100); v_orig_prepay_amt number;... Continuar Lendo →

Create or Update Category Codes

Hi, this post I will show how to create or update category_codes on Inventory Category. Create DECLARE v_return_status VARCHAR2(1) := NULL; v_msg_count NUMBER := 0; v_msg_data VARCHAR2(2000); v_errorcode VARCHAR2(1000); l_category_rec INV_ITEM_CATEGORY_PUB.category_rec_type; x_category_id NUMBER; v_context VARCHAR2 (2); l_api_version NUMBER := 1.0; l_init_msg_list VARCHAR2(1000); BEGIN fnd_global.apps_initialize (1139, 20634, 401); l_category_rec.structure_id := 50412; l_category_rec.segment1 := 'Milton'; l_category_rec.description :=... Continuar Lendo →

Create and Close Exceptions on deliveries and trips

This post I will show how to apply and close exceptions a one delivery. DECLARE p_exception_rec WSH_EXCEPTIONS_PUB.xc_action_rec_type; lx_msg_count NUMBER; lx_msg_data VARCHAR2 (2000); lx_return_status VARCHAR2 (200); l_message VARCHAR2 (2000); l_msg_index_out NUMBER; BEGIN fnd_global.apps_initialize(26801,21623,665); p_exception_rec.exception_name := 'ATRASO NA ENTREGA'; p_exception_rec.logged_at_location_code := 'DFB-ZONA DE RECEPÇÃO'; p_exception_rec.exception_location_code := 'DFB-ZONA DE RECEPÇÃO'; p_exception_rec.message := 'Esse produto está vencido a mais... Continuar Lendo →

Criar Fornecedores via API

Nesse post irei mostrar como criar um fornecedor via API. declare p_api_version number; p_init_msg_list varchar2(200); p_commit varchar2(200); p_validation_level number; x_return_status varchar2(200); x_msg_count number; x_msg_data varchar2(200); l_msg varchar2(200); lr_vend apps.ap_vendor_pub_pkg.r_vendor_rec_type; lr_ex_vend ap_suppliers%rowtype; x_vendor_id number; x_party_id number; pin_copy_vendor_id number; begin -- Initialize apps session fnd_global.apps_initialize(1139, 50833, 200); mo_global.init('SQLAP'); fnd_client_info.set_org_context(101); -- Assign Basic Values p_api_version := 1.0; p_init_msg_list... Continuar Lendo →

API to create transacions on Oracle Receivables

Hi, this post I will show how to create transactions on Oracle Receivables at API. DECLARE l_return_status VARCHAR2(1); l_msg_count NUMBER; l_msg_data VARCHAR2(2000); l_batch_source_rec AR_INVOICE_API_PUB.batch_source_rec_type; l_trx_header_tbl AR_INVOICE_API_PUB.trx_header_tbl_type; l_trx_lines_tbl AR_INVOICE_API_PUB.trx_line_tbl_type; l_trx_dist_tbl AR_INVOICE_API_PUB.trx_dist_tbl_type; l_trx_salescredits_tbl AR_INVOICE_API_PUB.trx_salescredits_tbl_type; l_cust_trx_id NUMBER; v_trx_header_Id NUMBER; v_trx_line_id NUMBER; BEGIN SELECT ra_customer_trx_s.NEXTVAL INTO v_trx_header_Id FROM DUAL; SELECT ra_customer_trx_lines_s.NEXTVAL INTO v_trx_line_id FROM DUAL; MO_GLOBAL.SET_POLICY_CONTEXT('S',81); MO_GLOBAL.set_org_context (81, NULL,... Continuar Lendo →

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