Split Lines in Delivery Transactions

In this post I will show that there is the possibility of split lines in the sales orders deliveries. In the images below it shows how the process is done.

Order Management -> Shipping -> Transactions

Right click inside the record you want to do the split, then in the Split line option.

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Put the amount of the new line and confirm the ok button.

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However, if you are doing some integration via pl/sql, there is the possibility of doing this split via code.

 l_return_status VARCHAR2(400);
 l_msg_count VARCHAR2(400);
 l_msg_data VARCHAR2(400);
 l_req_quantity NUMBER := 3;
 v_novo_delivery_id NUMBER;
 l_manual_split VARCHAR2(400) := NULL;
 l_req_quantity2 NUMBER := NULL;
 l_converted_flag VARCHAR2(400);
 ( p_from_detail_id => 7403190, -- delivery_detail_id atual
 p_req_quantity => l_req_quantity, -- nova qtde declarada na variavel
 x_new_detail_id => v_novo_delivery_id,
 x_return_status => l_return_status, 
 p_unassign_flag => 4,
 p_req_quantity2 => l_req_quantity2,
 p_manual_split => l_manual_split);


By executing the command above, the result is immediate.

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