MRP Production Capacity Analysis

In this article I will demonstrate how to do a productive capacity analysis within an MPS plan.

Within an MPS plan I can do an analysis of my production line to verify possible resource bottlenecks, thus acting in the right place to decide whether or not to decide on which dates I can promise delivery of a material or product.

First step is to register a Bill of Resources within the Capacity module, this bill of Resources is an import of the operations, departments and resources belonging to one or more items that are part of the analysis.

Capacity -> Bill of Resources -> Bill of Resources

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Após a execução do concorrente, o sistema registra as informações pertinentes ao roteiro de fabricação do item na tela abaixo.

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Completing this step, the Bill of Resource TESTE_ALEX, may be linked to an MPS plan.

Material Planner -> MPS -> Names

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After this registration, the MPS plan can be run for further analysis.

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Complete the launch of the “Lauch MPS Planning Process”, it is possible to make the analysis of resource utilization and even percentage of use.

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