Slipt MRP supply lines

This post I will demonstrate how to split MRP supply lines based on rules by vendor.

If you have a component that can be purchased from multiple vendors, manufactured in several steps, or transferred from other inventory organizations, Oracle has the ability to record these rules as needed.

Using the example of buying an item with quantity 8, we will show you the possibility of buying from 3 suppliers.

50% of supply A

30% of supply B

20% of supply C

In the plan below in the MRP, is the simplest and most used case by the companies, demand of quantity 8 and supply of quantity 8.

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First setup that needs to be done is in the Responsibility Purchasing Super User

Purchasing Super User-> Supply Base -> Sourcing Rules

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For the Active Planning field to be Yes, the sum of the allocation must be 100%.

You then need to link this source to an item and a set of assignments.

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This link can be made of several methods, the most used are item + organization

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After this setup, you should link the set of TEST assignments to the plan below:

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NOTE: This type only works using the Supply Chain Planner responsibility that belongs to the MRP module. In this responsibility you can do MRP analyzes using several organizations at the same time. This can optimize analysis time.

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Run the plan again and check the results.

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The system split the supply lines according to the percentage of purchase for each supplier and already showed the respective suppliers for each line.

In addition, this type of processing is not restricted to purchase, but can also be used for manufacturing and transferring other units. Simply change the type options in the source register.

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