Setup of shifts to resources disponibility

This post I will show the setup that needs to be done for the advanced planning module to distribute the load resource.

Oracle has a number of specific and very useful features for resource capability analysis, and one of them is to assign different tasks to a resource depending on the capability of the resource at that time. For example:

Resource: Senior Mechanic, I can setup 2 mechanics one for each shift, and the advanced planning module allocates them as resource availability.

Resource Record.

Bill of Material -> Routings -> Resources

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  • Setup employees

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An important note is that this functionality can also be handled with machine features, the only difference is the binding is done on items configured as equipment.

After that do the setups of the instances within the departments.

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From this, the advanced planning module can already make the resource distributions according to the availability of the shift x number of hours of the routing

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