Using the UseUp Date ECO-MRP

In this article I will demonstrate a functionality of the Engineering module that integrates directly with MRP, this is the UseUp date functionality in the engineering module, it is nothing more than a date that Oracle suggests will be the end of the demand required for a particular item.

Suppose you want to disable an item, because you have a new version or the item will no longer be used, the most appropriate decision is to know when this item will be last used. Oracle suggests several dates for various MRPs for you, this helps you make the decision that is closest to reality

When creating an ECO, that date is suggested when a change is made to an item. Clicking on the effective date field will open a list of values with the information below.

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In the above case, when opening the list of values, the system shows me all active plans of the MRP with the final date of the demand of item ITEM MANUFACTURED.

In MDS the last date of the demand for this item is MAY-20-2018 (non-useful day), the MRP this record counts as the last day of use of the demand is on MAY 18, 2018, so in case the next business day is on MAY 21, 2018 according to the list of ECO values.

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Most interestingly, suppose the final demand date changed to 20-AUG-2018, in which case the planner needs to know about this change.

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This information the planner will know with an alert that oracle has already created with this solution in mind.

Alert Manager -> Define

NOTE: This Alert does not need to be created, it already comes with Oracle default installation.

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In case there are two ways to notify, one is by the email registered in the planner linked to the item that appears in the ECO.

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The system notifies those responsible for the action.

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Or you can set up a list of users who will receive the notifications to adjust the ECO. This setting can be done directly in Oracle Alert.

This functionality is very important because it optimizes the time the business area gets to determine the day on which you can deactivate or modify a component.

Hope this helps.

See you next time.

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