Engineering Module Features

In this article I will talk about some of the main features that are included in the engineering module. Few know but in the engineering module it is possible to work on several projects without interfering directly in the day-to-day production, unless this is a premise Ex: I have a furniture company, a client requested a project of a new table that contains new components and some already used by the company, from which engineering can perfectly create items, structures and scripts without having to block production of existing items, gaining time, practicality in projects.

Engineeting -> Prototypes

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Notice that there are the same functions of creation of Item, Structure and Script that are in the productive module, but the only difference is of control of the tables and visually shows that it is inside the module of the engineering.

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Supply Chain Cost Rollup

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After completion of the projects, analysis of costing, production capacity, area approval, etc., all items, structures, scripts and ECO’s can be transferred to Oracle’s productive module, just enter the screen below and click on the button Transfer

Engineeting -> Prototypes -> Transfer to Manufacturing

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Automatically everything that was created based on the item TEST TRANSFERENCE in the Engineering module, will be transferred to the productive module.

There is also the option of Copy to Manufacturing, it is little used because it requires that a new name be created for the Item, which can cause confusion.

The advantages of working with the engineering module.

  • Data Consistency;
  • Does not impact productive modules;
  • You can make any changes at the project level.

Hope this helps.

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