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In this article I’ll show you a report that might be helpful to the company that wants to update your data. The company over the years, grows as needed and consequently your database tends to grow as well. One of the big problems is that the process of controlling this growth is sometimes left out. The less maintenance the more problems will appear. A module that is directly affected is MRP, it fetches information from various modules, compiles and stores it in its tables, the data that is there may be old or even obsolete. To control this, Oracle has created a report that can control this type of situation.

The Audit Information Report queries the BOM – ENG and MRP applications several times, causing possible problems. It is available at Material Planner responsability.

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The result brings up the problems and the queries themselves used in the query.

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One of the parameters gives you the option to choose which type of problem you want to analyze, or you can leave it with the All Audits option.

Hope this helps.

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