Comparison of ASCP Plan Exceptions

In this article I will demonstrate functionality that assists in research and decision making about changes in the production plane. 

One of the big problems companies have with regard to planning is whether their production plan X capacity are aligned with the productive reality. 

Today, to know if your production plan is coherent, one of the methods is to analyze the exceptions of the ASCP, the information posted there gives an idea of the progress of production. But one of the biggest problems is knowing what has changed from one plan to another. Companies usually execute ASCP plans once a week, or every two weeks, depending on the need. The difficulty is to compare what has changed in this period. With that in mind, Oracle has made it possible to compare plans within ASCP. 

Follow the steps below to verify this. 

Launch the ASCP plan. 

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After the completion, run another plan to make the comparison using the last parameter with the same option. 

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After that launch the request so you can export the data to make the comparison. 

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This solution helps in decision making and analysis of the new plan. 

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