Itens Genealogy with Serie/Lot and Inventory Positions

Hi, this post I show one functionality for control about all itens transactions based on lot and serie.

A lot of companys have stock and material control audits, for this, the Oracle create an option when the user find using many filtrers the item moves.

When enter the screen, there are parameters that can aid in the search of the information.

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When querying, the system returns many information, such as serial number, batch, Unit Number, Supplier.

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You can choose a specific serial number and check the complete genealogy.

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This information can be useful to the company before developing solutions that could burden the process, check the features that Oracle provides, they can be useful and bring information in real time.

Another method of checking material consumption per period is on the screen below.

Register a dataset

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Inventory-> Disply Inventory Positions -> Show

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I holp this help.


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