Copy of Bills and Routings

In this article I will show how to make a copy of a bills or routings. Usually the business area have the situation of opening a new branch, in this new subsidiary probably productive, will have or create new structures, or have the option to make copies of existing structures. To facilitate the work use the function below.

Bill of Material -> Bill of Material

Enter the screen as if you would create a new bill.

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Click Tools -> Copy Bill from

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Fill in the organization, the bill you want to copy, if the bill is engineering the system will automatically fill in the field “Engineering Bill”

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In this screen you have the option to copy the whole bill, just the current or current and future, remember that the system validates if the bill you are copying contains all the components, substitutes in the destination organization, does validation of type hierarchy items (ATO model, PTO Model, optional, phantom…..).

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This message will guide you if there is any error in the copy, if everything is correct just consult the bill of destination to verify the results.

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This functionality also serves to copy Routings and the system only copies one level for each, if you want to copy more than one level, you can use the Oracle interfaces that are prepared.

See in the post below how to import using the interfaces.

Importação de Estruturas via Interface

Holpe this help.


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