Working with MRP / ASCP Planning Time Fence

In this post I will sho how we can control our production plan with some settings within the item setup.

If our plan has demand entry at sales orders or manual demand. This demand is the demand date  is 11-11-2018, however for manufacture the item it takes 150 days (calendar of the inventory organization). No matter how much the demand is for 11-11, I can configure in several ways so that the plan requires a minimum production date. This field is determined in the item master record.

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We have the options below:

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The first three options start from the Lead Time tab and the fourth option is user defined.

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I’ll make an example using the User Defined = 1 option and then User Defined = 150.

We run a MRP plan based on direct demand and got the results below.

The Planning Order was placed exactly on demand day because the item’s configuration was user defined = 1.

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After modifying the item to 150 days and the setup of the plan to have this control.

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The planning order is going forward by 150 calendar days.

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This setup can help the control of demands.

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