Schedule Ship Date x Schedule Arrival Date

There are many option on this setup that be considered to determinate th source and delivery destiny. Internal Determinated froo warehouse and internal customer organization. External Determinated from customer address. Region Determinated from setup of customer region Zone Determinated from setup customer zone. The example that we will simulate it's based on internal time transit.... Continuar Lendo →

API Create Reservations

In This Post I want to show how create a reservations using API Oracle Some times it's necessary to use API for work with integrations. The script below can be used for create a reservation. DECLARE l_rsv_rec INV_RESERVATION_GLOBAL.MTL_RESERVATION_REC_TYPE; l_new_rsv_rec INV_RESERVATION_GLOBAL.MTL_RESERVATION_REC_TYPE; l_serial_number INV_RESERVATION_GLOBAL.SERIAL_NUMBER_TBL_TYPE; l_new_serial_number INV_RESERVATION_GLOBAL.SERIAL_NUMBER_TBL_TYPE; x_serial_number INV_RESERVATION_GLOBAL.SERIAL_NUMBER_TBL_TYPE; l_api_version NUMBER := 1.0; l_init_msg_list VARCHAR2 (2) := FND_API.G_TRUE;... Continuar Lendo →

Importar/Atualizar Categorias via Script

Como é comum entre os clientes, precisar fazer carga de categorias para o Sistema, a Oracle tem um processo que importa as categorias via script. Para efetuar essa carga deve-se alimentar a tabela mtl_item_categories_interface, segue abaixo o script para fazer isso. Processo de Criar uma categoria vinculada ao item: INSERT INTO mtl_item_categories_interface (inventory_item_id, organization_id, transaction_type,... Continuar Lendo →

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