Close and Reopen batch order

This post I will show how to close and reopen the batch with an API. This batch order is win completed status. Execute this below command: DECLARE l_api_version NUMBER := 2.0; l_validation_level NUMBER default GME_COMMON_PVT.g_max_errors; l_message_count NUMBER; l_message_list VARCHAR2(500); l_return_status VARCHAR2(1); p_org_code VARCHAR2(10); p_batch_no VARCHAR2(10); p_batch_rec gme_batch_header%ROWTYPE; x_batch_rec gme_batch_header%ROWTYPE; xitem VARCHAR2(16); BEGIN FND_GLOBAL.apps_initialize(user_id => 1139,... Continuar Lendo →

Aplicar modificador a uma ordem de venda existente

Nesse post irei mostrar como aplicar um modificador a uma ordem de venda existente via API. Execute o script abaixo para criar o modificador DECLARE l_header_rec OE_ORDER_PUB.Header_Rec_Type; l_line_tbl OE_ORDER_PUB.Line_Tbl_Type; l_action_request_tbl OE_ORDER_PUB.Request_Tbl_Type; l_header_adj_tbl OE_ORDER_PUB.Header_Adj_Tbl_Type; l_line_adj_tbl OE_ORDER_PUB.line_adj_tbl_Type; l_header_scr_tbl OE_ORDER_PUB.Header_Scredit_Tbl_Type; l_line_scredit_tbl OE_ORDER_PUB.Line_Scredit_Tbl_Type; l_request_rec OE_ORDER_PUB.Request_Rec_Type; l_return_status VARCHAR2 (1000); l_msg_count NUMBER; l_msg_data VARCHAR2 (1000); p_api_version_number NUMBER := 1.0; p_init_msg_list VARCHAR2... Continuar Lendo →

Criar Percurso via API

Nesse post irei mostrar como criar percurso/distribuição via API Execute o script abaixo para criar o percurso e distribuição ao mesmo tempo DECLARE lv_return_status VARCHAR2 (1); ln_msg_count NUMBER; lv_msg_data VARCHAR2 (400); ln_trip_id VARCHAR2 (20); lv_trip_name VARCHAR2 (30); l_line_tbl WSH_UTIL_CORE.id_tab_type; l_del_rows_tbl WSH_UTIL_CORE.id_tab_type; i NUMBER := 1; l_msg_index_out NUMBER; CURSOR cur_trip IS SELECT delivery_detail_id FROM wsh_delivery_details a,... Continuar Lendo →

API Create Reservations

In This Post I want to show how create a reservations using API Oracle Some times it's necessary to use API for work with integrations. The script below can be used for create a reservation. DECLARE l_rsv_rec INV_RESERVATION_GLOBAL.MTL_RESERVATION_REC_TYPE; l_new_rsv_rec INV_RESERVATION_GLOBAL.MTL_RESERVATION_REC_TYPE; l_serial_number INV_RESERVATION_GLOBAL.SERIAL_NUMBER_TBL_TYPE; l_new_serial_number INV_RESERVATION_GLOBAL.SERIAL_NUMBER_TBL_TYPE; x_serial_number INV_RESERVATION_GLOBAL.SERIAL_NUMBER_TBL_TYPE; l_api_version NUMBER := 1.0; l_init_msg_list VARCHAR2 (2) := FND_API.G_TRUE;... Continuar Lendo →

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