Create and Close Exceptions on deliveries and trips

This post I will show how to apply and close exceptions a one delivery. DECLARE p_exception_rec WSH_EXCEPTIONS_PUB.xc_action_rec_type; lx_msg_count NUMBER; lx_msg_data VARCHAR2 (2000); lx_return_status VARCHAR2 (200); l_message VARCHAR2 (2000); l_msg_index_out NUMBER; BEGIN fnd_global.apps_initialize(26801,21623,665); p_exception_rec.exception_name := 'ATRASO NA ENTREGA'; p_exception_rec.logged_at_location_code := 'DFB-ZONA DE RECEPÇÃO'; p_exception_rec.exception_location_code := 'DFB-ZONA DE RECEPÇÃO'; p_exception_rec.message := 'Esse produto está vencido a mais... Continuar Lendo →

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