Cancelar NFF Contas a pagar via API

Olá, neste post irei mostrar como cancelar uma nota fiscal no contas a pagar via API. declare v_invoice_id number; v_last_updated_by varchar2(20); v_last_update_login varchar2(20); v_accounting_date date := sysdate; v_boolean boolean; v_error_code varchar2(100); v_debug_info varchar2(1000); v_message_name varchar2(1000); v_invoice_amount number; v_base_amount number; v_tax_amount number; v_temp_cancelled_amount number; v_cancelled_by varchar2(1000); v_cancelled_amount number; v_cancelled_date date; v_last_update_date date; v_token varchar2(100); v_orig_prepay_amt number;... Continuar Lendo →

Create or Update Category Codes

Hi, this post I will show how to create or update category_codes on Inventory Category. Create DECLARE v_return_status VARCHAR2(1) := NULL; v_msg_count NUMBER := 0; v_msg_data VARCHAR2(2000); v_errorcode VARCHAR2(1000); l_category_rec INV_ITEM_CATEGORY_PUB.category_rec_type; x_category_id NUMBER; v_context VARCHAR2 (2); l_api_version NUMBER := 1.0; l_init_msg_list VARCHAR2(1000); BEGIN fnd_global.apps_initialize (1139, 20634, 401); l_category_rec.structure_id := 50412; l_category_rec.segment1 := 'Milton'; l_category_rec.description :=... Continuar Lendo →

Create miscellaneous receipt and issue with API

Hi, this post I will show how create an miscellaneous transaction with API Receipt INSERT INTO mtl_transactions_interface ( source_code --01 , source_line_id --02 , source_header_id --03 , process_flag --04 , transaction_mode --05 , validation_required --06 , inventory_item_id --07 , organization_id --08 , subinventory_code --09 , transaction_quantity --10 , transaction_uom --11 , primary_quantity --12 , transaction_date... Continuar Lendo →

Create an employee with API

This post I will show how create an employee with API Execute this command below DECLARE lc_employee_number per_all_people_f.employee_number%TYPE := '183096723'; ln_person_id per_all_people_f.person_id%TYPE ; ln_assignment_id per_all_assignments_f.assignment_id%TYPE; ln_object_ver_number per_all_assignments_f.object_version_number%TYPE; ln_asg_ovn NUMBER:=5; ld_per_effective_start_date per_all_people_f.effective_start_date%TYPE; ld_per_effective_end_date per_all_people_f.effective_end_date%TYPE:=NULL; lc_full_name per_all_people_f.full_name%TYPE; ln_per_comment_id per_all_people_f.comment_id%TYPE:=NULL; ln_assignment_sequence per_all_assignments_f.assignment_sequence%TYPE; lc_assignment_number per_all_assignments_f.assignment_number%TYPE; lb_name_combination_warning BOOLEAN; lb_assign_payroll_warning BOOLEAN; lb_orig_hire_warning BOOLEAN; BEGIN HR_EMPLOYEE_API.create_employee (p_hire_date => TO_DATE('03/12/2011','DD/MM/YYYY'), p_business_group_id => FND_PROFILE.VALUE_SPECIFIC('PER_BUSINESS_GROUP_ID'),... Continuar Lendo →

Close and Reopen batch order

This post I will show how to close and reopen the batch with an API. This batch order is win completed status. Execute this below command: DECLARE l_api_version NUMBER := 2.0; l_validation_level NUMBER default GME_COMMON_PVT.g_max_errors; l_message_count NUMBER; l_message_list VARCHAR2(500); l_return_status VARCHAR2(1); p_org_code VARCHAR2(10); p_batch_no VARCHAR2(10); p_batch_rec gme_batch_header%ROWTYPE; x_batch_rec gme_batch_header%ROWTYPE; xitem VARCHAR2(16); BEGIN FND_GLOBAL.apps_initialize(user_id => 1139,... Continuar Lendo →

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