Create or Update Category Codes

Hi, this post I will show how to create or update category_codes on Inventory Category. Create DECLARE v_return_status VARCHAR2(1) := NULL; v_msg_count NUMBER := 0; v_msg_data VARCHAR2(2000); v_errorcode VARCHAR2(1000); l_category_rec INV_ITEM_CATEGORY_PUB.category_rec_type; x_category_id NUMBER; v_context VARCHAR2 (2); l_api_version NUMBER := 1.0; l_init_msg_list VARCHAR2(1000); BEGIN fnd_global.apps_initialize (1139, 20634, 401); l_category_rec.structure_id := 50412; l_category_rec.segment1 := 'Milton'; l_category_rec.description :=... Continuar Lendo →

Create miscellaneous receipt and issue with API

Hi, this post I will show how create an miscellaneous transaction with API Receipt INSERT INTO mtl_transactions_interface ( source_code --01 , source_line_id --02 , source_header_id --03 , process_flag --04 , transaction_mode --05 , validation_required --06 , inventory_item_id --07 , organization_id --08 , subinventory_code --09 , transaction_quantity --10 , transaction_uom --11 , primary_quantity --12 , transaction_date... Continuar Lendo →

Create an employee with API

This post I will show how create an employee with API Execute this command below DECLARE lc_employee_number per_all_people_f.employee_number%TYPE := '183096723'; ln_person_id per_all_people_f.person_id%TYPE ; ln_assignment_id per_all_assignments_f.assignment_id%TYPE; ln_object_ver_number per_all_assignments_f.object_version_number%TYPE; ln_asg_ovn NUMBER:=5; ld_per_effective_start_date per_all_people_f.effective_start_date%TYPE; ld_per_effective_end_date per_all_people_f.effective_end_date%TYPE:=NULL; lc_full_name per_all_people_f.full_name%TYPE; ln_per_comment_id per_all_people_f.comment_id%TYPE:=NULL; ln_assignment_sequence per_all_assignments_f.assignment_sequence%TYPE; lc_assignment_number per_all_assignments_f.assignment_number%TYPE; lb_name_combination_warning BOOLEAN; lb_assign_payroll_warning BOOLEAN; lb_orig_hire_warning BOOLEAN; BEGIN HR_EMPLOYEE_API.create_employee (p_hire_date => TO_DATE('03/12/2011','DD/MM/YYYY'), p_business_group_id => FND_PROFILE.VALUE_SPECIFIC('PER_BUSINESS_GROUP_ID'),... Continuar Lendo →

Close and Reopen batch order

This post I will show how to close and reopen the batch with an API. This batch order is win completed status. Execute this below command: DECLARE l_api_version NUMBER := 2.0; l_validation_level NUMBER default GME_COMMON_PVT.g_max_errors; l_message_count NUMBER; l_message_list VARCHAR2(500); l_return_status VARCHAR2(1); p_org_code VARCHAR2(10); p_batch_no VARCHAR2(10); p_batch_rec gme_batch_header%ROWTYPE; x_batch_rec gme_batch_header%ROWTYPE; xitem VARCHAR2(16); BEGIN FND_GLOBAL.apps_initialize(user_id => 1139,... Continuar Lendo →

Schedule Ship Date x Schedule Arrival Date

There are many option on this setup that be considered to determinate th source and delivery destiny. Internal Determinated froo warehouse and internal customer organization. External Determinated from customer address. Region Determinated from setup of customer region Zone Determinated from setup customer zone. The example that we will simulate it's based on internal time transit.... Continuar Lendo →

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