Schedule Ship Date x Schedule Arrival Date

There are many option on this setup that be considered to determinate th source and delivery destiny. Internal Determinated froo warehouse and internal customer organization. External Determinated from customer address. Region Determinated from setup of customer region Zone Determinated from setup customer zone. The example that we will simulate it's based on internal time transit.... Continuar Lendo →

Query for Pick/Delivery Materials

This post I will show a query that will help on control of material output and sales orders issue. Pick Slip Move Order Transaction Ship Confirm SELECT hp.party_name cliente, ooha.cust_po_number po_cliente, ooha.order_number ordem_venda, (SELECT customer_line_number FROM oe_order_lines_all oola WHERE oola.header_id = ooha.header_id AND oola.line_Id = wsh.source_line_id ) linha_po_cliente, source_line_number linha, mib.segment1 item, mib.description descricao_item, wsh.date_scheduled... Continuar Lendo →

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